How to Set Commit Author

I’ve worn dozens of hats on a dozen totally different groups throughout my time at Mozilla, however none has been as rewarding and difficult as neighborhood administration. Whether it is mentoring college students, welcoming new contributors, or reviewing pull requests, there’s at all times a lot to be carried out. There’s additionally the uncommon event the place I have to submit a patch for a contributor.

Since I work with each git and mercurial (hg), I’ve wanted to discover ways to set commit creator in every model management system.

To set the commit creator with git, you’d execute:

git commit –author=”User Name ” -m “The commit message”

To set the commit creator with mercurial, you’d execute:

hg commit -u “User Name ” -m “The commit message”

Giving neighborhood members credit score for his or her patches is the last word signal of respect, so within the case you want to translate these patches for a contributor, these snippets are gold. Help them enable you to!

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