Samsung Interview Experience (SRI-Noida On-campus 2018 ,Engineer position )

Samsung R&D Noida despatched a pool campus drive and invited us to IIEST shibpur in 2018 for R&D profile.

Round 1:

It was a coding spherical which is also referred to as Samsung superior check. You will probably be given with one coding query that must be solved in Three hours. A complete of 10 check instances must be cleared with a view to clear this spherical. Those who’ve cleared this check will solely be shortlisted for additional rounds. If you’re unable to clear this spherical in Three hours,
you’ll be given one other likelihood i.e. one other query that has to solved in Three hours once more. Usually, this second try can be a lot straight ahead to clear (will probably be a regular repeated query of Samsung). I recommend the aspirants undergo all of the coding questions from experiences of Samsung.

Here is the query:- Kim Question verify (

Mr. Kim has to ship fridges to N clients. From the workplace, he’s going to go to all the purchasers after which return to his house. Each location of the workplace, his house, and the purchasers is given within the type of integer coordinates (x, y) (-1

You are given the places of the workplace, Mr. Kim’s house, and the purchasers; the variety of the purchasers is within the vary of 5 to 10. Write a program that, beginning on the workplace, finds a (the) shortest path visiting all the purchasers and returning to his house. Your program solely has to report the gap of a (the) shortest path.

You don’t have to unravel this drawback effectively. You may discover a solution by trying up all of the doable methods. If you’ll be able to search for all the probabilities properly, you’re going to get an ideal rating.


You are given 10 check instances. Each check case consists of two strains; the primary line has N, the variety of the purchasers, and the next line enumerates the places of the workplace, Mr. Kim’s house, and the purchasers in sequence. Each location consists of the coordinates (x, y), which is represented by ‘x y’.

Output the 10 solutions in 10 strains. Each line outputs the gap of a (the) shortest path. Each line appears to be like like ‘#x answer’ the place x is the index of a check case. ‘#x’ and ‘answer’ are separated by an area.

[I/O Example]
Input (20 strains in whole. In the primary check case, the places of the workplace and the house are (zero, zero) and (100, 100) respectively, and the places of the purchasers are (70, 40), (30, 10), (10, 5), (90, 70), (50, 20).)

5 (Starting check case #1)
zero zero 100 100 70 40 30 10 10 5 90 70 50 20

6 (Starting check case #2)
88 81 85 80 19 22 31 15 27 29 30 10 20 26 5 14

Output (10 strains in whole)
#1 200
#2 304


You can compile your code as many numbers of instances as you need, however a most of 5 submissions was allowed to check on the given check instances.

Do word, STL was not allowed, so queues needed to be coded from scratch. Also, we couldn’t use vectors, so be sure to brush up your pointers fundamentals.

HINT:- Use BackTracking
Tips:- Practice questions on DFS, BFS, Backtracking

total greater than 300 college students throughout totally different faculties  utilized for the check and out of them, and I cleared it within the try 1 itself and people whoa re not cleared the primary try will get a second try and by the tip from my school four have been chosen for the interview


try 2: Actually I don’t know the precise query, nevertheless it considerably based mostly on a Rat and maze drawback which is used to unravel by backtracking, bfs.


Round 2: Technial+HR

There the place four members in a panel each technical and HR

1. Tell me about your self. Try highlighting the factors primarily that are associated to the profile on this case primarily your pursuits additionally discuss your achievements(suggestion: attempt to ignore your loved ones background please, they hardly don’t hearken to your loved ones stuff )

#The first impression is the very best impression they usually have been actually impressed with my intro.

2. Moved to CV and requested each element on my CV. (Why this, why not this one?)

Three. They requested me to clarify my third-year intern which highlighted on my CV. Trust me this query will play a vital position whether or not you’re technically excellent t or not. I’ve carried out my internship and I’ve carried out my internship as a Data analyst and questions will probably be on these associated subjects and I’ve defined each element.

so largely my query is in DBMS, SQL queries  and the way knowledge is analyzed

a)Join Three tables

b)Queries associated to some Stored Procedures utilizing SQL ( I’ve talked about on CV )

c) Joins, Group by, having clauses queries.


Three.  They requested me to clarify my remaining 12 months intern undertaking, Though I simply began the undertaking a number of weeks again earlier than the interview, I managed to study what are applied sciences and technical phrases used for the undertaking and questions will probably be requested on that associated subjects. So attempt to study fundamental core a part of topics Your undertaking could also be the very best however convincing the interviewer is the I key!

My undertaking relies on 5G communication, and questions like

a) distinction between 3G, 4G, 5G

b)how communication will probably be carried out

c)what applied sciences used

b)what’s the method of my undertaking


four. One of the interviewers began with very fundamental C and C++ like what are Storage Classes and What is using register key phrase and Gradually he began going into depth like why does utilizing it make this system quicker and later questions are on pointers, constructions, and so on.

5. Favorite knowledge constructions (I stated Linked lists and bushes)

-> why linked lists and why bushes and a few codes utilizing these knowledge constructions  like

a)Reverse a  linked checklist(each round and double)

b)Top and backside view approaches in tree and tree traversals l

distinction between linked lists and arrays and once more some C associated subjects

6. Explain the way you approached your coding query within the first spherical and any additional approaches you got here throughout whereas fixing the issue

7. What are your favourite topics


other than OS?

I stated  DBMS

( As I’m from ECE background, they have been actually impressed with my curiosity in direction of CS topics)

and the questions will probably be these topics :

Why scheduling?
Types of scheduling and all algorithms of scheduling?
what’s Semaphore and why it’s used?
Explain Reader writers drawback
Page fault?
Page fault algorithms LRU?
and DBMS very fundamental questions
what are ISO layers?


Though they have been four members within the room, everybody will observe you keenly, like how you’re explaining, how you’re approaching  so attempt to be assured and be lively
relating to OS  all core ideas will probably be clearly defined in depth
and it’s also possible to undergo  GLAVIN Operating Systems  ( greatest guide in OS )


Asked a couple of undertaking.

Gave a really lengthy and clumsy query but when analyzed correctly it turned out to be a fundamental immediately or inversely proportion based mostly query.

Basic HR questions however put together for them too, Some questions being

Why Samsung? (Show curiosity within the firm it is vitally imp).
What you do if you got a One day Samsung CEO position!
private pursuits and abilities in your CV
What is the very best  factor that ever occurred in your school life
Any new applied sciences in your thoughts to contribute to Samsung!  and and so on.
Any questions for us? (attempt to ask some fascinating questions relating to applied sciences used or any guidelines or insurance policies  and don’t waste the oppurtunity, certainly they’re anticipating one thing out of your facet so be happy to ask )


The Hr will ask questions incessantly in between your technical interview, in order that they are going to check you, how briskly and lively sufficient whereas giving an interview. sS don’t get panic, free your self from outdoors stuff and provides the interview with a great deal of vitality. Feel free to specific your self, they have been actually cool they usually received’t construct a lot stress on you, it’s okay that you simply made some small errors, they are going to information if you end up struck.

four folks have been shortlisted for the interview. Out of them, 2 have been chosen and I’m one in all them. Those 2 rejected candidates  have a standard level (lack of expressing themselves and communication and don’t get panic  )

GeeksforGeeks is one my key technique for making ready campus placements and  I thank geeksforgeeks for offering a platform to share my data, encouraging all of the aspirants to organize properly for interviews with confidence. It saves lots of time by pooling the required assets.


Keep the vitality High and Happy Coding

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