There are $200,000 price of causes to maintain utilizing DOS


Microsoft actually, actually desires you utilizing Windows 10, however you must combat the urge. Go again to utilizing DOS full time, and you might end up $200,000 richer.

It’s not some sort of demented experiment. To earn that six-figure pay day, you’ll have to trace down a secret command that’s reportedly been hiding deep inside MS-DOS for many years. What command is that, you say? One that prints out a copyright discover.

Not a Microsoft copyright discover, thoughts you. The one you might want to discover provides credit score to computing pioneer Gary Kildall and his firm, Digital Research Inc.

For many years, accusations have been made that Bill Gates stole the code that MS-DOS was based mostly upon from an working system Kildall created within the early 80s referred to as CP/M. That’s by no means been conclusively confirmed, although some declare that Kildall hid a secret copyright-printing command in CP/M — and that command is buried someplace in the dead of night recesses of the early MS-DOS code.

cp/m OS

Who’s going to provide you this cash? Bob Zeidman, whose firm develops software program for performing forensic audits on different software program. Four years in the past, Zeidman determined to make use of that software program to see if MS-DOS was certainly copied from CP/M. Ultimately he decided that there are similarities however no smoking gun.

That’s the place you are available in. If you’re capable of finding definitive proof within the code, Zeidman says he’ll provide you with a cool $100,000. Zeidman says he has one other $100,000 earmarked for anybody who can discover Kildall’s hidden copyright command.

Not everybody’s satisfied the command exists in MS-DOS. The Register’s Andrew Orloski identified after Zeidman’s initially evaluation that CP/M wasn’t truly copied — quite that its underlying APIs had been cloned.

Still, if you wish to go treasure searching from the consolation of your individual dwelling, right here’s your probability.

CP/M display screen courtesy Wikipedia


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